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The Essentials

A comprehensive step-by-step highly personalized health optimization program

More energy, sharper focus, improved relationships, emotional balance, better digestion, improved nutrition, less belly fat, less pain… What does being in good health mean to you? Imagine doing things you used to enjoy when you were younger but never thought you could dare to try again! Traveling, golfing, spending time outdoors, finding new love or rekindling an old one… Achieving optimal health makes it all possible and more.

The Essentials is our most comprehensive health optimization program. It is designed to restore your health and quality of life to the highest level possible. The next goal is to keep your health optimized long-term, for many years to come.

Our approach is centered around identifying and resolving the root causes of your health concerns instead of treating symptoms alone. We investigate and uncover hidden triggers for your health conditions (nutrient deficiencies, poor digestive health, hormonal imbalances, and chronic infections to name a few) and build a personalized all-around plan to rebuild your health that fits your lifestyle.

We stay with you every step of the way on your journey toward success. And getting your health back is an exciting journey!

About the Program

  • We'll start by listening to understand your story. Your experience combined with your health history, timeline, and physical exam helps us identify the causes of your health concerns.
  • We'll use functional lab testing to identify root causes of your health challenges that cannot be identified from a thorough history and physical exam alone.
  • We'll then build a detailed highly personalized road map for restoring your health and take you, step-by-step, toward achieving your goals.

We'll take you, step-by-step, from the initial consultation all the way toward your health goals and beyond.

The Essentials Program includes eight comprehensive consultations:
  1. Initial consultation – 60 minutes
  2. Lifestyle and nutrition consultation – 60 minutes
  3. Lab results review – 60 minutes
  4. Lifestyle and nutrition follow up – 60 minutes
  5. Coaching session – 60 minutes
  6. Clinical follow up – 60 minutes
  7. Coaching session – 60 minutes
  8. Clinical reassessment – 60 minutes

The Integrative MD Method

Our comprehensive method is designed to restore and rebuild your health from the ground up, starting with the 6 pillars of health. This requires investigating hidden triggers for dysfunction (nutrient deficiencies, poor digestive health, hormonal imbalances, and chronic infections to name a few) as well as providing the nutrition and lifestyle education you need to create a solid foundation to rebuild your health stronger.

Patient Materials

As an Integrative MD patient, you will receive a comprehensive patient education binder that will be your written guide on your journey. This binder is an important resource full of useful advice in the areas of nutrition, digestion, detoxification, hormones, exercise, and mindfulness.

Direct Clinical Access & Support

Quick and easy access to your functional medicine team helps you stay on track, maintains momentum, and keeps an open dialogue throughout your program. You’ll be able to email your doctor or health coach with any questions that you have throughout your program.

Lifestyle and Nutrition Consultation

Eighty percent of your success in the program depends on your nutrition and lifestyle strategy, and that is what we emphasize throughout the process. The value of proper nutrition and better lifestyle goes beyond the impact on your personal wellbeing. By taking better care of yourself, you can lead your family to better health.

Functional Lab Testing

Functional lab testing helps evaluate health on a cellular level. It is different from conventional medical lab workup because functional lab testing helps evaluate the root cause(s) of your health challenges instead of diagnosing just the immediate reason for your symptoms. Functional lab testing is performed on urine, stool, saliva, and/or blood.

Direct Lab Pricing

To provide the most affordable care possible, Integrative MD has made special arrangements with all of our lab vendors to provide you with direct lab pricing. This ensures that you will get the lowest price possible on all lab testing. In addition, conventional blood tests may be covered by your insurance provider.

Customized Supplement Program

After reviewing your lab results and evaluating your mineral and nutrients demands, we will recommend a personalized supplement program. Our recommendations will include only the highest quality carefully selected products from reputable manufacturers.

Lifestyle Coaching App

Our coaching app is an integral of The Essentials Program. It is your daily companion, your sidekick, your best buddy, accountability partner… even your personal assistant and a private secretary! The app can do lots of things for you to keep you on track as you make strides toward better health. It’ll remind you of important daily activities, keep track of your progress and communicate with your Functional Medicine doctor.

Additional Services

To encourage deeper all-around healing and eliminate blind spots we also collaborate with trusted practitioners such as Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturist, Reflexologist and Personal Trainers.

Program Length

Your program length is 6 months. You’ll have options to continue care after you have completed your Essentials Program.

The Essentials Program FAQs

Anyone can succeed in their quest for better health but to be a good candidate, you should be motivated, engaged, and willing to take the steps necessary to get healthy. Also if your current medical condition requires urgent intervention, that needs to be taken care of first by your current doctor.
Yes! Labs are a vital part of the process in uncovering hidden malfunctions, discovering healing opportunities, and getting to the root cause of your health issues. Without the data and information that labs provide us, we would just be guessing what's wrong with you. We don't guess...we test.
We will determine which lab tests will be necessary during our initial consultation and will discuss them with you. On average, you can expect to spend between $200-$1000 for initial testing. In some cases, follow-up testing may be advisable to monitor treatment progress such as hormone balancing or eradication of a gut pathogen. Regardless of how much you pay in lab fees, we’ve made every effort to ensure that you’re receiving direct-lab wholesale pricing on all lab tests. Some of the conventional lab tests may be also covered by your health insurance.
There are many factors involved in determining how long it will take for an individual to heal, such as your level of participation and commitment, your individual health issues, and your current state of vitality. Undoing decades of damage to your body may take weeks or months but it can be done with strong commitment on your part. How fast you’ll move forward will depend on your history, abilities, lifestyle and needs. This means the healing process will be as unique as you, and we like to allow it to unfold naturally as your body permits. No matter how long it takes, our entire team is here to support you throughout your healing journey.

I’m ready to get started. What’s the next step?

Please schedule a free phone consultation to make sure you qualify and that this Essentials Program is the right fit for you.