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Integrative MD Functional Medicine Programs

Who are these Functional Medicine programs for?

Initial Functional Medicine Evaluation is best suited for those who are just becoming familiar with the Functional Medicine approach and want to test the waters. The evaluation will help uncover the hidden causes of your existing conditions and/or potential problem areas that need to be addressed. The doctor will explain opportunities for additional lab testing and provide a personalized treatment plan for you to include nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, vitamin / supplement recommendations and fitness suggestions.

Self-Directed Healing Program is designed for a generally healthy individual who is already health-conscious and highly motivated to take an active approach to lasting wellness. If you already are trying to live a healthy lifestyle – watch what you eat, exercise regularly and know how to balance your daily life – you may not need as much coaching and monitoring as most patients. In addition to Initial Functional Medicine evaluation, Self-Directed Healing program offers a separate Lifestyle and Nutritional consultation for a deeper analysis and better personalization of recommendations. You will also receive a 174-page comprehensive patient education binder to use as a guide in your self-directed healing process. The program will put you on the right path so you can continue on your own.

Doctor-managed The Essentials Program is for you if you want to reach your goals faster with maximum support. You will get direct support from the entire Integrative MD team providing you with close step-by-step guidance toward health improvement goals. This program is best suited for individuals with existing health challenges or those who prefer the maximum amount of guidance to achieve their goals faster and avoid pitfalls along the way. You’ll receive everything included in the Self-Directed Healing program such as comprehensive patient education binder plus an extra doctor visit, coaching sessions and unlimited email access to our team to answer your questions while on the program. In addition, you will receive a substantial discount on future appointment a 10% discount on all supplements. This Doctor-Managed program offers the most value to both healthy individuals and patients working on existing health issues.


Access to Special Labs

Direct Lab Pricing

Personalized Supplement Plan

Personalized Lifestyle Plan

Email Access to Clinical Team*

Lifestyle & Nutritional Consultation

Program Binder ($99 value)

Coaching Sessions

Daily Progress Tracking w Coaching Lifestyle App

Patient Concierge

10% off All Supplements

Discount Rate for Additional Visits

Total Appointments

Program Length

Initial FM Evaluation


1 month

Self-Directed Healing


3 months



6 months

* For the duration of the program

Frequently Asked Questions

All patients receive access to specialized functional lab testing such as nutritional, hormone, genetic, toxin, stool testing at wholesale pricing. We do not charge you extra for the test – you or your insurance will pay directly to the lab.
We offer unlimited email access to our clinical team for the duration of the program you’ve signed up for. Please review our email policy that was emailed to you when you became our patient. Some questions can be answered via email while certain kinds of questions require an appointment.
Patient Concierge is a service we offer exclusively to our Doctor-managed Program patients. Patient Concierge service will handle all your questions from medical to scheduling and Lifestyle App use, direct them to the appropriate team member and stay on top of the issue until it is resolved. Please note Patient Concierge does not handle medical emergencies.
We’ll discuss your continuation options as you come close to completing your current program. The options will include program extensions, additional programs and follow-up appointments on as-needed bases at a discounted rate for the graduates of Doctor-managed The Essentials program.

Need help deciding which program is right for you? Schedule a no-obligation free discovery phone consultation today, and we’ll be happy to guide you through your options. You are entitled to better health. Let’s talk!