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Mbody360 Instructions

The Mbody360 app is an integral of The Essentials Program

Mbody360 app is your daily companion, your sidekick, your best buddy, accountability partner… even your personal assistant and a private secretary! Mbody360 can do lots of things for you to keep you on track as you make strides toward better health. It’ll remind you of important daily activities, keep track of your progress and communicate with your Functional Medicine doctor.

But you are the one who has to put it to good use. It’s there to help you, not to nag you.

So keep coming back to these instructions often until using mBody360 becomes second nature for you.

Before you start The Essentials program, learn to use the Mbody360 app

Install the Mbody360 app and play with it a bit to familiarize yourself with how it works.
Your doctor will choose a plan for you, such as Paleo challenge. You’ll see your plan’s name near the top of the screen.

Now learn your plan details before day 1! Tap on the Plan icon at the bottom of your screen.

Find out what to eat and what not to eat.

Then tap on your Daily Guides. There you’ll find general guidelines for your diet as well as the specifics of your plan.

The contact section will let you connect with us whenever you have a question.

Now tap on the More button.

  1. Start with MBODY360 Tour
  2. Set up your profile
  3. Set your goals
  4. Check out the recipes – lots of good options here
  5. See your grocery shopping lists

You are now familiar with the MBody360 app. Get ready to start The Essentials Program.

The day before you start, go grocery shopping for week 1. To make shopping more convenient, you are getting weekly shopping lists for your meal plan. Once you get to the grocery store, tap on the Shopping List and start putting items in your shopping cart.


You can print your shopping list on paper right from the app. Tap on the printer icon at the top.

Your daily routine using Mbody360

It’s extremely important that you track your activities DAILY. Build using Mbody360 into your daily routine. Very soon it’ll become a second nature for you to reach for the app whenever you have a meal, finish a bottle of water, meditate, or are getting ready for bed thinking about your day and making plans for the next one. That’s the goal!

We know your life is busy, so there is only one type of tracking you really have to do several times a day: your nutrition. The rest you can do at the end of the day.

Here is how you track your nutrition

Tap on Nutrition and select your meal or meal time (Wake up, Breakfast, Mid Afternoon, etc.).

You’ll see the meal that you are supposed to have. If that’s you are going to have, just tap on the check mark next to it. Or tap on the check mark on the next line if you’ve picked another recipe allowed by your plan.

Before you start eating, tap on “Tap to upload a photo of your meal” and take a picture. It’s very important! Your doctor will see the photos, and that will help feel accountable for your choices and stay on track. Add any notes you like.

And now it’s time to be honest! Scroll down the “Avoids” section and mark everything that you plan on eating but are not supposed to. Do it before you start the meal and who knows: maybe you’ll change your mind?

Coming clean is easy with this app. Just tap on the item and then tap on the screen to add the amount, in 1-serving increments, of the what you had. If you tapped too many times, tap on the “minus” button at the bottom to decrease the amount. Then tap the back arrow at the top of the screen. Your reported amounts will be saved and sent to your doctor.

Do this every time you eat! It’s very important, and not just for accuracy. Having to report every meal will slow you down and make you consider what you put in your body more carefully.

Your daily water intake

It’s the first item on your nutrition list.

Go there regularly throughout the day and just tap to add your water intake in 8 oz increments. It’s very quick and easy! You can keep coming back and adding the water amount as you go through your day. That way you won’t have to try to remember in the evening how much water you had.


Either enter the amount of time you meditated or use the meditation timer to make your tracking more accurate.

Other tracking – you can report it at the end of the day, but make sure you do it daily.

  • Body functions – Weight, Elimination and Sleep
  • Condition – how you felt throughout the day
  • Movement – the amount and type of exercise you got
At the end of the day
  • Update all the tracking
  • Review your plan for the next day and make the necessary preparations
    The app will automatically upload everything for your doctor to see your progress. See you tomorrow!