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Body Weight and Composition

body weight and compositionBy now virtually everyone knows how important it is to maintain a healthy weight. Unfortunately many people struggle with crash and yoyo diets putting their body under unnecessary stress and bouncing right back. Improper dieting often depletes the body of essential nutrients and energy.  It may even release the toxins stored in the body making you sick and unable to continue with the diet. Even when you manage to shed a few pounds, you often do it at the expense of the muscle tissue making you “skinny fat” which is unhealthy and known in medicine as “metabolically obese normal weight.”

Our weight loss and maintenance programs are based on the latest scientific developments and are designed to be realistic and lead to maintaining a healthy weight and body composition long-term.  The initial phase of our programs varies in length depending on our patient’s particular goals (for example, fitting into your favorite dress and looking your best at a class reunion in 2 weeks) and always involves holistic detoxification and nutritional assessment. We’ll educate you on the subject matter and meet with you regularly to check your progress and make sure you are meeting your milestones.  We encourage you to start a daily journal of your food habits that we can go over with at each followup appointment.  We become your accountability partners not only until you reach the desired body weight and composition but also for a long time afterwards ensuring your continued success in weight maintenance and proper nutrition.