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Holistic Assessment and Detox

Holistic Assessement and DetoxAs an integrative medicine practice, we seek to help our patients to reach their full potential for wellness so they can get the most out of their lives. We treat the entire patient and not just individual symptoms and diseases. Many conditions are intertwined with others and are caused or made worse by numerous factors that may not be immediately obvious.  To tackle this complicated tangle of multiple causes and effects we need to get to know our patient as a whole – the body, the mind, and the environment. Our comprehensive holistic assessment program is only the first but an essential step on that journey.

After we meet you, we’ll spend a lot of time just talking to you and asking detailed questions about your current and past health issues, your food habits, emotional state, lifestyle, home and work environment and anything else that would help us get to know you and learn about your condition. We can then run tests to assess your current state of health and identify areas that need attention as well as risk factors you may be facing. Based on the initial assessment of your state of health we work together on a personalized wellness plan that would take care of your current health issues and set long-term goals.

Our long-term holistic wellness program usually starts with a holistic detoxification. We are often asked, does everyone need a detox? Perhaps if you always lived in a stress-free pristine healthy environment you wouldn’t need it but it’s unusual to be so lucky. If you spent your entire life in an industrialized area consuming commercially available food, chances are your body has accumulated toxins and damage. It is likely you’ll benefit from a gentle detox program that uses natural remedies to remove at least some of the unwanted substances circulating through your body and deposited in your tissues. This initial detox lets you start the healing process more effectively. Our detailed assessment helps pinpoint the problem areas that may require more focused detox efforts. In addition, not only your body but your mind may have accumulated damage from work-related stress or you may be facing current emotional or mental challenges. A healthy body supports a healthy mind and there is a good chance our detox program will improve your cognitive function.