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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional TherapyWe are what we eat, and the need for proper nutrition goes far beyond maintaining a healthy body weight, blood sugar or cholesterol levels. Proper nutrition is essential for all aspects of your health and daily function. Even if you are feeling fine your body may still be under stress due to nutrient depletion or inflammation in your gut. Without proper nutrition, you may not be realizing your full potential, and some of the seemingly unrelated conditions such as chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression have been linked to nutritional imbalances.

Eating “healthy” the way many people understand it is often not enough for optimal nutritional balance. Even organic food is often depleted of essential nutrients, or it may be wrong for you and cause an inflammatory reaction in your intestines due to a food sensitivity you are not aware of.   In addition, while your diet may be already good on the intake end, there is still no guarantee you are digesting, absorbing and processing the nutrients due to gastrointestinal tract damage, bacterial overgrowth, or a genetic variation.

We offer a comprehensive assessment of your current state of nutrition, your ability to digest and absorb nutrients as well as test for underlying abnormalities such as abnormal bacterial growth, food sensitivities and genetic mutations. Based on that comprehensive nutritional evaluation we go over the findings with you and make a plan that is easy to follow and consists of the proper diet and nutritional supplementation. Our approach to nutritional therapy is scientific and evidence-based. And if you feel like exploring further and need in-depth help with your diet, we’ll refer you to one of our excellent nutritionists and registered dieticians who’ll help you incorporate healthy eating and making the right food choices in your daily life. They have great recipes for homemade meals, too!