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Dr. Tatiana Fleischman, MD

Hello and welcome to Integrative MD!

I am Tatiana Fleischman, MD, a Functional Medicine physician.

Would you rather feel your best and enjoy every minute of your life or accept ailments as a normal part of getting older?  What is normal: feeling unstoppable or limping through life from one doctor appointment to another?

Should you visit a doctor only when you are sick and need to be fixed?  That might be true with conventional medicine but Functional Medicine takes your health management a step further. Many steps further in fact.

So let me show you how Functional medicine can be your best partner in enjoying better health and getting the most out of life.

When we are in our 20s we are full of energy, eat what we want, don’t get enough sleep and hardly notice it, make rules as we go and still feel great. And we do get away with a lot!

Then we start slowing down. We get busy with work and family, gain weight and don’t feel the same as we once did.

And then we start getting sick. We go to a doctor more and more often. We receive worrisome diagnoses like diabetes and high cholesterol.  Our doctor who once saw us just for an annual health check, if ever, now becomes out disease manager.

Some accept this life path as “normal” aging.

But aren’t there some people who just keep going and going?  They enjoy travel, hiking, biking, staying sharp and never running out of energy?

How is that possible?

You see, when we are very young, most of us are alike as far as our health is concerned. We just feel well most of the time.

But as we get a little older, our paths diverge. Some of us continue to feel as if we are still in college but many of us start slowing down. Why?

Because we are all inherently different.

We all have different genetics, different metabolism and lifestyles. We all eat different diets, and those diets don’t affect everyone the same way. We have different allergies and food sensitivities. We even respond to medications differently.

So is staying healthy and active well into our 40s, 50s and beyond a privilege of the lucky few? Is good or poor health a preordained destiny?

It doesn’t have to be. It’s true there are lucky few who seem to be living fast, not doing much for their health and still never slowing down.  But there is hope for the rest of us, too. There is good news.

We can lead healthy lives and avoiding many health challenges. Our health just needs to be more actively managed to continue enjoying wellness throughout the entire lifespan. We need to take our health path off autopilot

And the best person to help you with staying healthy and active is a physician. And not just any physician but a functional medicine doctor.

Why? Let’s compare two approaches to health: conventional and functional.

Conventional Doctor  Functional Doctor 
Training   MD or DO  MD or DO
 Focus  Eliminating current disease  Maintaining long term health
 Sees you when  You get sick  Looks ahead and sees you before you develop health challenges
 Preferred treatments  Medication and Surgery  Supporting the body’s natural ability to heal and eliminating the causes of illness. Medications used only as last resort.
 Approach  Based on numbers and statistics. If you happen to fit into a standard mold, you have a certain chance of getting better with a given treatment.  Highly personalized, taking into account YOUR unique body chemistry and environment while still applying all available solid scientific evidence.
 What you take home from your appointment  A prescription with instructions how to take it sometimes along with general advice to eat healthy and exercise more.  A personalized plan to bring your current condition under control and a long-term plan to prevent illness or detect it early and reverse it
 When symptoms improve  Says goodbye until the next time you get sick.  Becomes your wellness partner and advisor making sure you constantly enjoy the best health possible.

So how does a Functional Medicine doctor get your health back on track and make sure it stays there?

First, by getting to know you. Your lifestyle, home environment, work environment and anything that causes stress – they all affect your body in major ways.

Second, by testing and discovering the unique ways your body functions. As we get more mature, our hormones start getting out of balance, gastrointestinal tract develops its own hiccups and our immune system loses some of its power and focus. Toxins accumulate in the body, and after not eating right for years, we get nutritional imbalances.

All that requires a thorough investigation. It may take advanced testing to sort everything out, but eventually we get there. Then we are ready to make a plan. We then plot a course toward your wellness.

Once we know what is going on inside your body and how you got to the point where you are now, we can get a good idea where you are going. And then we can start making things better. We then make a long-term wellness plan for you.

Your wellness plan reduces stress factors and aims to re-balance your hormones and boost your immune system. Your gastrointestinal tract gets special attention to make sure it is working properly because that’s where many problems start. If testing shows you have inflammation in your intestines and leaky gut, we’ll work to fix that.

Your plan will be based on all-natural methods to help your body heal itself . You’ll receive conventional medication only when there is no better way to take care of a health challenge. And then we’ll look for ways to avoid such challenges in the future.

We listen to you carefully to build a stress management, lifestyle and nutritional plan that works for you. And that’s the key.

A wellness plan is only as good as its results.

Every day we hear lots of good ideas for healthy living. How do you know which ones will work for you? Why do so many people start health programs and then quit?

Because one size doesn’t fit all. A knowledgeable and experience professional working with you will find an approach that will work for you and for you only. And with such a professional partner by your side showing you the way, offering encouragement and celebrating milestones, you’ll reach your goals much, much faster.

I have no doubt you want to spend every moment of your life enjoying great health. Your health will allow you to do things you never thought possible getting the most out of every moment of your life. But you need to take the first step. Even if it’s as small as talking on the phone to someone whose life’s mission is to make and keep you healthy.

If this approach resonates with you, let’s talk more.

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I look forward to hearing from you.




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P.S. Did you know that half of the victims of a heart attack have a normal cholesterol level? A detailed test is available to evaluate a much broader range of risk factors that can be corrected. Many conventional practices and hospitals don’t even know about it. Be sure to ask me about the heart health test when we talk on the phone.