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Tatiana Fleischman, MD

Dr. Fleischman, Medical DirectorDr. Tatiana Fleischman is a medical doctor (MD) Board Certified in Internal Medicine with additional training in Functional Medicine.

Dr. Fleischman practices Functional Medicine, a branch of medicine that looks at the body as a whole because everything is interconnected. Functional Medicine recognizes the importance of the environment, diet and lifestyle in a personā€™s state of health and general wellbeing.

Dr. Fleischmanā€™s approach is to find and eliminate the deep causes of illness. With that approach, improvement of multiple symptoms at once and building long-term wellness come within reach. Often no medication is required because correcting dietary deficiencies, removing the causes of inflammation and eliminating toxins alone leads to health restoration.

Dr. Fleischmanā€™s practice philosophy is to always put patients first. She takes her time to listen and understand everything that is going on in patientā€™s life that is even remotely affecting his or her well-being.

Getting to know her patients well allows Dr. Fleischman to build a personalized road map to long-term wellness that includes treatments, proper nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes, stress management, and many other components.

As an experienced modern physician, Dr. Fleischman practices evidence-based medicine employing all the latest scientific advances to help her patients get better. At the same time, she approaches all healing practices with an open mind and welcomes an open discussion about any technique or alternative healing practice that could benefit her patients.